One Paper Got Accepted to IEEE ICDCS 2016

The paper titled “RUSH: A RobUst ScHeduler to Manage Uncertain Completion-Times in Shared Clouds” has recently been accepted by IEEE ICDCS 2016.

The paper was co-authored by Dr. Zhe Huang and Dr. Danny Tsang from C2E group, Dr. Bharath Balasubramanian, Mr. Michael Wang and Dr. Mung Chiang from Princeton University, and Dr. Tian Lan from George Washington University. Dr. Zhe Huang just obtained his Ph.D. degree from the C2E group, HKUST in December 2015 and is continuing his postdoctoral research at Princeton University. The work was mainly done when Dr. Zhe Huang was working as a PhD student at HKUST.

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